Membership Has It's Perks

Have you ever worried about being taken advantage of when your having your car serviced? All you wanted was an oil change, but the technician told you that the car needs an additional services. Do you actually need them? its a good question, most people have no way of knowing. Many shops pay their technicians based off commission, which means more often than not, they will try to 'up-sell' you more services.

Our approach is different, at Garage 47 our technicians do not work on commission, so the only services we recommend are the ones that you actually need. We will take the time to tell you what you need, and when you should have it done.

Membership has its perk's. Our members experience the ultimate in care free automotive service. With extensive care packages, you can be sure your car is operating at optimal performance standards. We take the hassle out of automotive service with our built in routine service plan. Neglect is often the reason for unneeded repairs and services,  you may not have even realize that your vehicle wasn't getting the attention it needed. By maintaining the most vulnerable components of your vehicle, we increase the reliability and longevity of your car/truck. Our membership program is built take away the worry so you can drive with confidence.

G47 Premier Plan

The G47 Premier Plan is our most estensive membership plan. This plan is packed with all the value of our essentials plan, then it raises the bar with extra perks like priorty scheduling, full synthetic oil changes, and complementary vehicle diagnosis. Our Premier Plan members will also revice a free t-shirt, as well as 2 complementary 'service calls' from one of our freindly in house technichians.

What you get:

  • Three(3) Full Synthetic Oil Changes Included (Per Year)
  • Three(3) Car Wash Vouchers
  • $25 Diagnosis Fee (Unlimited Per Enrolled Vehicle)
  • Tire Rotation (With Oil Change)
  • Brake Inspection (With Oil Change)
  • Two(2) Free Bulb Replcments (Per Year) (Some Vehicles Do Not Apply, Ask An Advisor For Details) (Customers With Xenon Bulb System Will Be Subject To A $40 Part Fee, Due To The Cost Of Bulb)
  • 50% Off Brake Fluid Flush, Cooling System Flush, Power Steering Flush
  • Complementary Service Call (At Home Jump Start) (Within 5 Mile Radius)
  • Complementary Roadside Assistence and Towing Service (Applies After First Repair Aervice Is Preformed) (Roadside Assistance Statasfied Through 3rd Party Porvider)
  • Priority Scheduling. Your First In Line (With 24 Hour Notice)
  • Tire Plug(s) (Unlimited Per Car)
  • Tire Pressure Check (Unlimited Per Car)
  • Complemantary Fluid Check (unlimited Per Car)
  • Wiper Blades, Front + Rear (Where Applicable) (Up to $36 In Value, Some Vehicles Will Require Additional Cost) (Per Year)
  • 1 Engine Air Filter (Per Year)
  • 1 Cabin Air Filter (per Year)
  • Complimentary Pre-Purchase Inspection (One(1) Per Year)
  • Complementary 4 Wheel Alignment (One(1) Per Year)
  • One(1) Free 'Garage 47' Merchandise Item (Given At Time Of enrollment)


Essential Preformance Plan

  • Three (3) Semi Synthetic Oil Change's (5qt. Capacity, additional cost may be applied to large capacity systems. Large capacity systems include systems that hold more than 5 qts of oil)
  • Tire Rotation (service will only we preformed in conjunction with oil change service)
  • Brake Inspection (service will only we preformed in conjunction with oil change service)
  • Unlimited Tire Plug Service (Per Enrolled Vehicle) (not all tires can be plugged, technician will advise customer of saftey requirements and technical standards) (we do not recommend servicing a single tire with more than 3 plugs)
  • Complementary Roadside Assistance and Towing (this benifit will applie after your first membership service is prefomed) (this service is satasfied by a 3rd party provieder, you may be asked to submin an invoice for reimburesment)
  • Priority Scheduling. Move To The Front Of The Line! (24 hour notice required)
  • Complemantary Fluid Check (Unlimited Per Enrolled Vehicle)
  • Two New Wiper Blades (Per Year) (Front Winshield Only)
  • One(1) Engine Air Filter (per year, per enrolled vehicle)
  • One(1) Cabin Air Filter (per year, per enrolled vehicle)
  • Complementary Pre-Purchase Inspection (one per year)
  • One(1) Free 'Garage 47' Merchandise Item (issued at time Of membership enrollment)

Questions? you can call us during business hours at (916) 972-1872 or send us an e-mail anytime at: